NICOLA Sturgeon said allegations made about two SNP MPs drinking too much on a trip to Gibraltar are "false".

The First Minister said the accusations about Drew Hendry and David Linden – which they have strongly denied – may be an attempt by the Conservatives to distract from other issues.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace is expected to write to the SNP and Labour following claims three MPs were worse for wear after drinking on a flight to visit the armed forces in Gibraltar.

Speaking to journalists at the COP26 summit, Sturgeon said: "I think there have been allegations made against two of my MPs that they say are completely false and unfounded, and some may say is an attempt by Conservatives to distract attention from their own travails.

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"I know Drew and David well, they say these allegations are unfounded and that is something I've got confidence in."

She said she had not spoken directly to the MPs, adding: "The allegations are false, Drew and David have made that clear.

"I think the question is perhaps for Conservatives why they are choosing to make allegations like this on Remembrance Day, given the nature of what Drew and David have been doing.

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"I know both Drew and David extremely well and if they say these allegations are false I have confidence in that."