THE Conservatives have been accused of creating a "disgusting political smear" of two SNP MPs and one Labour MP ahead of Armistice Day.

Drew Hendry and David Linden are taking part in an Armed Forces parliamentary visit to Gibraltar for Armistice Day as part of a group of MPs.

However, several newspapers were briefed last night on the two SNP members reportedly being drunk and disorderly while on the British Airways flight to Gibraltar.

One Labour MP was also said to be drunk while on the flight from Heathrow.

There have also been unconfirmed reports that two Tory MPs had been drinking until 2am.

UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has said he is planning to complain to Ian Blackford and Keir Starmer about the apparent actions of the MPs, saying they showed a "lack of respect" for the work of the Armed Forces that risked "undermining respect" for parliament.

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An unnamed source is quoted in the Telegraph as saying that the MPs were "quite clearly drunk" in the airport before the flight and then "drank heavily on the plane”. They are also alleged to have been rude to staff when Covid passports did not work.

The SNP MPs have denied the allegations made about them and say it is an attempt to divert attention from Tory corruption scandals currently engulfing the UK Government.

An SNP source told The Herald: "The fact this was briefed to three Tory-supporting newspapers, with only Tories actually claiming it happened says it all.

"Drew and David were not drunk. They arrived at 16.45, and they were at a reception at 6.30pm. They were in bed by 10.30pm or so that evening, and in fact two Tory MPs stayed out on the lash until 2am. 

"They've not missed any events, and have not even talked to those who have suddenly made these claims. It is a disgusting political smear on the eve of Armistice Day. The Tories cannot sink any lower." 

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The SNP MPs shared pictures of themselves on the trip with the parliamentary group last night, but responded to the allegations themselves.

Hendry, the MP for Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey, said that it was "deeply disappointing" that the claims had been made and that it was a "shameless attempt to divert attention" from Tory sleaze.

He added: "That is a matter for their conscience. I'll focus on doing my job and respecting our troops as we mark Armistice Day."

Linden, the MP for Glasgow East, said: "Incredibly disappointed by what appears to be a bizarre Tory smear campaign in the media tonight but I’ll leave the politics to others.

"Instead, I’ll continue to focus on participating in briefings with service personnel, meetings with local officials, as well as continuing to undertake training exercises and hear first hand from those who serve in the Armed Services here in Gibraltar."

Wallace is reported to have said: "This type of behaviour shows a lack of respect for the enduring work of our armed forces.

“The Armed Forces scheme is an opportunity for both Parliamentarians and the Military to understand each other.

“This behaviour puts military personnel in a difficult position and risks undermining respect for Parliament.”

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Scottish Finance Secretary Kate Forbes was also shocked to hear of the allegations, tweeting: "As somebody who has worked closely with @DavidLinden and @drewhendrySNP over many years, I can say unequivocally that last night’s malicious smear is utterly at odds with the professional, respectful MPs many of us have known for years."

It comes after Tory MP Geoffrey Cox has faced criticism and a referral to Westminster's Standards Commissioner after he was found to have used his parliamentary office for work for another job.

The MP and QC earned more than a million pounds on top of his MP salary last year for legal work including advising the government of the British Virgin Islands in a Foreign Office investigation of corruption in the tax haven.

Boris Johnson last night refused to apologise for the sleaze row engulfing his government at a COP26 press conference where he came under sustained questions about the Owen Paterson scandal.

Paterson announced that he would be stepping down as an MP after he was found to have breached lobbying rules. The Tories attempted to stop his six-week suspension but then U-turned.

Johnson did not apologise saying MPs found to have broken conduct rules “should be punished”.