The National:

HOLLYWOOD has once again demonstrated how little it values innovation these days courtesy of the new Uncharted movie ... and Scotland is the victim.

The Sony offering was already facing criticism for simply adapting another existing intellectual property – the popular Playstation video game franchise – but at least it wasn’t a reboot.

They’ve made up for any lost ground on that front by resorting to one of the oldest tricks in the book: mocking the Scottish accent.

The film features Spiderman star Tom Holland as Nathan Drake, a protagonist hunting for treasure in the style of Indiana Jones and Lara Croft, the Tomb Raider.

His co-star is Mark Wahlberg, another big name, playing Sully.

Towards the end of the newly released trailer, Holland’s character bumps into a rather intimidating-looking Scotsman.

The National:

In an unmistakably Scottish accent, the bigger man says: "You shouldnae have come out to play wi the big boys wee yin, because you're about to get a proper Scottish welcome."

Looking baffled, puzzled, and perplexed, Nate simply replies: “What?”

Scottish comedian Limmy was among those with their tongue somewhat in cheek responding to the clip.

It will certainly make for an interesting COP26 global UN summit in a couple of weeks if, indeed, a “proper Scottish welcome” is throwing someone against a wall (tempting as we’re sure that is for many fans of the video game watching this trailer brutalise the source material).

But there you have it. A story inspired by Indiana Jones, a franchise that featured Sean Connery, playing the Scottish accent and language for a laugh.

As Scots, we’re not afraid of laughing at ourselves (a certain Roberto Mancini front-page from The National may have been rather more light-hearted than certain outraged parties realised).

However, is this really funny, when it’s the same joke that’s been done a thousand times before? At least be a little more original!

There are plenty of better Scottish stereotypes to use for a gag than mocking the way many people in the country actually speak.

Uncharted, directed by Ruben Fleischer, will be released next year. We may be busy that day…