A CROWDFUNDER to help promote Scottish independence at COP26 has hit its goal in promoting Scotland's role in transitioning away from fossil fuels.

The Radical Independence Campaign's (RIC) It's Scotland's Oil Keep it in the Soil message is looking to promote the Independence Bloc at COP26 during large protests that will be taking place in Glasgow on Saturday, November 6.

They have so far raised almost £600 to go towards producing thousands of leaflets, posters and badges to spread the message across Scotland.

A stretch goal is also hoping to create a temporary anti-colonial alternative to the monument of Lord Roberts at the group's assembly point for the COP26 march.

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RIC said the alternative monument will "reflect the values we would like to see an independent Scotland embody, rather than the celebration of British colonial violence that the current statue represents".

They said that Lord Roberts was a key figure in the British military at the height of the British Empire and the statue "boasts of his role in conflicts in Afghanistan, India, South Africa and Ireland to name a few".

They go on to say that Scotland "must acknowledge our part in the British Empire’s violence and plundering of natural resources".

"Dismantling the British state isn’t a parochial issue: it’s an opportunity to end the UK’s neo-colonial, fossil-driven foreign policy."

Around 100,000 people are expected to rally in Glasgow for various protests during the COP26 climate conference that will be taking place in Scotland's largest city from Sunday, October 31 until Friday, November 12.

RIC is looking to organise the Independence Bloc at COP26 and want to get as much of the Yes movement involved as they can.

The group said: "From the Cambo oil field off Shetland, to the nuclear weapons base at Faslane, a future for Scotland in the UK is one where climate danger can be imposed on us from above by Westminster.

"Boris Johnson’s Tories have proved themselves incapable of facing climate reality, and the world must know they do not represent Scotland’s voice.

"Scotland played a historic role in creating the fossil-fuel economy – it’s our responsibility to take a lead in ending it."

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RIC will meet at the statue of Lord Roberts in Kelvingrove Park at 12pm on November 6.

For more information about the Independence Bloc's presence at the COP26 rally, visit their EventBrite page.

If you would like to get leaflets and posters to use in your area, or to discuss arranging transport to the march, get in touch with the Radical Independence Campaign via contact@ric.scot.