Gordon, Gino & Fred Go Greek! (STV, 9pm)

IF you didn’t get away from it all this summer, then don’t miss this rollicking series featuring Gordon Ramsay, Gino D’Acampo and Fred Sirieix. Beaming a much-needed dose of sunshine from the gorgeous Greek islands into our homes, it follows the trio as they team up for an epic adventure and rustle up some brilliant food. From island-hopping on a catamaran to jet-ski racing and shipwreck diving, there will be bromance and bickering in equal measure. They visit Crete, Santorini, and Mykonos and before finishing with Athens and the monasteries of Meteora.

Fever Pitch: The Rise of the Premier League (BBC2, 9pm)

THE final episode examines the rise of Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger. Brought in by chair David Dein, the unknown Frenchman introduced modern coaching techniques as well as lifestyle and dietary improvements. His revolutionary changes had a profound impact but, unsurprisingly, Wenger rattled Manchester United counterpart Alex Ferguson and so began a 10-year Premier League chapter known as The Feud.

24 Hours in Police Custody (C4, 9pm)

THE fly-on-the-wall series is back for a six-part run, beginning with a manhunt, launched by Detective Inspector Tom Hamm of Bedfordshire’s Criminal Investigation Team, after three women are assaulted in a Luton house. The attack is caught on CCTV and as the footage hits social media and the traditional media, the police face a race against time to find the suspect before he goes to ground. The programme follows every twist of the hunt after it becomes clear the perpetrator has fled abroad.

The World’s Most Beautiful Landscapes: The Amazon (More4, 9pm)

NARRATED by Robert Lindsay, this series takes us on a breathtaking visual journey. We begin in the Amazon, following the river’s course from its source in the Peruvian Andes towards the Atlantic. We follow the Apurimac north to discover the bizarrely beautiful Rainbow Mountain at Vinicunca. As the Amazon’s tributaries push into northern Peru then turn eastwards towards Brazil, the river has grown into a mighty force.