ASDA has launched its first Scottish refill store.

The Toryglen branch now features a range of branded - including Kellogs, Napolina, and Yorkshire Tea - and own-brand products sold in loose format.

The National:

The move is part of the supermarket's drive to reduce plastic and help customers shop more sustainably.

Over 60 products such as pasta, rice, tea, coffee, and cereals are now available to purchase loose and unpackaged within specific aisles of the Southside store.

The National:

Customers can use their own containers or purchase reusable containers in-store.

Unpackaged products will be the same price or cheaper than their packaged equivalents.

The National:

It follows the successful launch of Asda's first refill store in Leeds last October.

Susan Thomas, the director of commercial sustainability at Asda, said: "We have chosen Scotland as the location for our second refill store because it is an important market for Asda and a place where we regularly receive constructive feedback from our customers.

"This feedback is very important to us as we refine our refill offering in stores and work towards a goal of making refill and reuse part of every shopping trip.

"With COP26 coming to Glasgow, there has certainly been an increase in interest in environmental issues across the country, so to see refill land in the host city and with such engaged customers is a really important moment for us."