NATIONAL editor Callum Baird will tomorrow interview Believe In Scotland founder Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp ahead of the Autumn of Indy Action.

The event will be the latest in our series of online National Roadshows, beginning sharp at 7.30pm.

Previous roadshows have had our readers questioning and hearing from columnists David Pratt, Lesley Riddoch and Kevin McKenna and the head of the SNP's independence unit Michael Russell.

The Autumn of Indy Action will see Yes groups across Scotland launching a fresh wave of campaigning using new resources to win over voters to independence – and begins on Saturday with a Day of Action.

Our roadshow will see Baird and MacIntyre-Kemp talking about that drive, organised by Believe In Scotland and supported by The National, along with with the National Yes Network and the Scottish Independence Foundation.

We'll also be talking about the wider state of the Yes movement and case for independence.

Author and columnist MacIntyre-Kemp said: "I'm looking forward to The National’s online roadshow event where I will be talking about Believe in Scotland’s Autumn of Indy Action.  

"That kicks off with our Day of Indy Action on Saturday, September 18, with around 110 local Yes groups participating.

"Free by 2023 – work with us and we can be."

You'll be able to watch our online roadshow at a variety of locations tomorrow.

It will be streaming on The National's Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and will be available in an article at the top of our website from 7.30pm.

You will also be able to find it at Believe In Scotland's Facebook page (@BelieveinScot) once we go live.

If you have questions for Baird and MacIntyre-Kemp, you can submit those by emailing or with the subject line "Roadshow".

You should also email if you're having any issues in finding or access the livestream!

If you're not going to be out and about on Saturday as part of the Day of Action, Believe in Scotland is urging Yessers to show support by hanging a flag in your window or displaying a Yes sign.