THE BBC has announced the appointment of Jess Brammar as editor of BBC news channels.

The move comes amid attacks on Brammar which were labelled "unhinged" and "misogynistic".

The former Newsnight deputy editor also faced pressure from Theresa May's former communications chief who reportedly tried to block her from the role.

Robbie Gibb reportedly texted the BBC director for news and current affairs saying that the BBC “cannot make this appointment” because the Government’s “fragile trust in the BBC will be shattered”.

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But the Independent later reported that the BBC's soon-to-be former director for news, Fran Unsworth, said Gibb would not be able to prevent the journalist being appointed to a senior role.

The former HuffPost UK editor tweeted: "Some personal news (a divisive phrase, I know!) - couldn’t be more thrilled to be joining such an incredibly talented team, on and off air. Very much looking forward to cracking on with the job."

Critics have accused Brammar of pursuing a left-wing agenda during her time at HuffPost UK with tweets criticising Brexit.

However, colleagues have defended the award-winning journalist.

Responding to criticism about Brammar in the Daily Mail, Lewis Goodall labelled them "unhinged, simply misogynistic".

The National: Jess Brammar has been appointed boss of BBC news channelsJess Brammar has been appointed boss of BBC news channels

BBC bosses later told Goodall, Newsnight's policy editor, to take the post down.

Tory Leader of the House Jacob Rees-Mogg has also previously attacked the BBC’s approach to new hires.

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“When it's the left, it's fine, when it's from the right that's beyond the pale,” he told ConservativeHome.

"And then the BBC management goes off and starts suggesting it should hire someone from a left-wing outlet. That damages the whole perception of independence and impartiality at the BBC. They really do damage themselves."

The broadcaster also announced Paul Danahar, who has worked in America and the Middle East, as lead of its world team.

Speaking of the appointments, Unsworth said: “I’m delighted to announce these two new appointments. Both Jess and Paul are outstanding journalists with proven track records.

"They’ll bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to their new roles and I look forward to welcoming them.”