Jamie Oliver: Together (C4, 8pm)

JAMIE kicks off the new series by making a special meal for his friends and family, showcasing a slow-roasted, rolled shoulder of lamb with a fennel, sage and spicy sausage stuffing, drizzled with a herby green sauce made with pistachio, mint and parsley. On the side, Jamie pairs it with crispy lemon roast potatoes, garlicky dressed French beans and a thyme and apricot sauce. He also creates a delicious starter of rainbow tomato crostini topped with crumbly cheese, and gets the party going with some cheeky mango caipirinha cocktails.

Coronation Street Icons: Norris Cole (ITV, 8pm)

ACTOR Malcolm Hebden actually retired from playing Norris Cole last summer, after 27 years and more than 1600 episodes on the soap. However, the iconic Corrie character is only just being killed off this week, with the news of Norris’s death revealed to his friends in Wednesday’s moving episodes. Narrated by Sally Lindsay, this special programme looks back at some of the character’s best scenes, including his Blackpool Ballroom success with Vera Duckworth.

Silent Witness (BBC1, 9pm)

THIS week’s two-part story begins with the discovery of a murdered swimming instructor’s body at her flat. Trace evidence from the scene identifies two suspects, including the victim’s ex-boyfriend, a former police officer. It’s the first case for new recruit Adam, and his eagerness to impress causes friction in the team. As the investigation uncovers a tragic story about the need for love and family, Jack is confronted with secrets from his hidden past.

Stephen (ITV, 9pm)

AS Gary Dobson and David Norris stand trial for Stephen’s murder, the defence argues that potential cross-contamination in the years since the murder makes forensic evidence unsafe. The prosecution counter that the blood on Dobson’s jacket was wet when it soaked into the fabric, meaning the wearer must have been present at the attack. Doreen tells Clive that whatever the verdict, the fight for justice will go on. Eventually, the jury finds the duo guilty, and the judge commends Clive, saying he expects him to pursue the remaining suspects. But instead, the detective is forced into retirement.