NIGEL Farage has been branded a “national embarrassment” after he praised US Open champion Emma Raducanu on social media - despite having previously said “any normal and fair-minded person” would be concerned if they had Romanians for neighbours.

Raducanu - who was born to a Romanian father and Chinese mother - made headlines across the world after winning the US Open championship without dropping a set.

While politicians and celebrities across the UK queued up to congratulate the 18-year-old, some tributes were less welcome than others.

Farage wrote: “A global megastar is born. @EmmaRaducanu winning the US Open is truly incredible.”

He followed this with a clapping emoji.

However, the former UKIP leader had previously made disparaging and discriminatory remarks about Romanian people.

In 2014, Farage claimed there was an obvious “difference” between living next door to Germans and Romanians.

He added: "I was asked if a group of Romanian men moved in next to you, would you be concerned? And if you lived in London, I think you would be.

"Any normal and fair-minded person would have a perfect right to be concerned if a group of Romanian people suddenly moved in next door."

Many on Twitter did not allow Farage to forget those previous comments.

“Emma is a national icon. You’re a national embarrassment”, Byline Times journalist Sam Bright wrote, sharing a headline including Farage’s comments.

“Any normal and fair minded person would think you're hoping we've forgotten your racist slur against Romanians,” another user added.

Dan Levene wrote: “On behalf of all fellow Brits of Romanian origin, the people you said you'd never want to live next door to: stick your applause up your hole.”

Commenting on Farage’s tribute, another user wrote: “If bandwagon jumping were an Olympic sport…”

“Another two-faced hypocrite tries to piggy back on Raducanu's victory.

“She was born in Canada to Chinese and Romanian parents and moved to the UK aged two. She is an example of diversity and immigration and her bio represents that.

“Farage despises her multiculturalism,” another user added.

The GB News host is not the only public figure to have been attacked for a perceived disingenuous congratulations sent to the tennis superstar.

Piers Morgan also came under intense fire after trying to claim that Raducanu’s victory came because she had taken his advice.

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“I said she needed to toughen up after she quit. She toughened up. The words you’re seeking are ‘Thanks Piers’”, the former Good Morning Britain host wrote on Twitter after another user called him out for having attacked the champion just months before.

Raducanu was forced to withdraw from Wimbledon after suffering breathing difficulty, but Morgan attacked her. He claimed she “couldn’t handle the pressure and quit when she was losing badly”.

His U-turn did not go unnoticed on social media, with Morgan being accused of being “two-faced”, trying to take credit for Raducanu’s win, and having “no shame whatsoever”.

“True mental strength is ignoring ill informed ignorant comments like yours!” one user wrote.

“You lectured and berated her for having a panic attack and ‘failing’ at Wimbledon. Perhaps instead of abusing and constantly focusing your vile opinions on women and the young, keep your opinions to yourself,” another added.