A “FABULOUS” new short film smashes Unionist claims about an independent Scotland’s renewables capabilities.

During today’s SNP conference proceedings, delegates were treated to the premier of the party’s new fact-checking film on whether Scotland would really be told to find a “new customer” for its energy after independence as the UK would look to “cut ties”.

The film’s voice-over points out that Scotland currently produces more electricity than it needs – only using 58% of what it made in 2019.

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Meanwhile, it points out that England uses more electricity than it produces – in the same year, generating 72% of the UK’s energy supply but using 81%. At the same time Scotland exported nearly 32% of electricity to England and Northern Ireland, the commentator says.

“We’re expected to believe an independent Scotland wouldn’t be able to export its vast quantities of surplus green electricity to the rest of the UK, that their government would rather light candles and sit through power cuts than buy environmentally friendly Scottish electricity? Even though they’re also importing power from the EU after Brexit? Aye right,” the voice-over adds.

You can watch the full video, which was described by deputy first minister John Swinney as a “fabulous film on Scotland’s renewable potential”, above.