THE SNP have said "Scotland must get every penny it is due" from the increase in National Insurance – as polling shows the majority of Scots oppose the Tory tax hike.

Polling by YouGov, conducted on September 7, shows a majority (58%) of Scots "oppose" the National Insurance rise while 61% think it is "unfair".

More than two-thirds (70%) think it is "unacceptable" for Boris Johnson to break the Tory manifesto pledge.

Separately, polling by Opinium, conducted on September 7 and 8, shows 47% of Scots oppose the National Insurance rise compared to 30% who support it. Two-thirds (66%) believe it is "unfair" and a third (33%) think it is "fair".

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It comes as the overwhelming majority of Scotland's MPs voted against the move last night, with the exception of the six Scottish Tory MPs. They voted in favour of the Prime Minister's tax hike despite other Tory MPs in England voting against or abstaining.

Commenting, SNP shadow chancellor Alison Thewliss MP said: "Boris Johnson's regressive Tory tax hike will penalise Scottish families, low and middle income workers, and the young – forcing the poorest in society to subsidise the wealthiest.

"Everyone supports more money for our NHS and social care but it would have been far better to do this in a progressive way that fairly reflects wealth. Instead, this Tory poll tax will penalise people like care workers, while millionaires with unearned wealth will contribute nothing.

"Now that millions of Scottish workers will be forced to pay this Tory charge, it is essential that Scotland gets every penny it is due. There must be no attempts by the UK Government to sell Scotland short by reducing funds in other areas or failing to pass on the full amount.

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"The Chancellor must also take steps to address the unfairness of this regressive tax hike, which will make low and middle income workers hundreds of pounds worse off every year at the same time that the Tory government slashes Universal Credit by £1040 for 400,000 Scottish families.

"After a decade of Tory cuts, the UK now has the worst levels of poverty and inequality of any country in north west Europe - and under Boris Johnson in-work poverty has risen to a record high this century. Another round of Tory austerity will make this growing problem even worse.

"It's increasingly clear that the Tories have no intention of building a fair recovery post-covid. The only way to keep Scotland safe from Tory cuts is to become an independent country, with the full powers needed to build a strong, fair and equal recovery."