A LONG list of excellent speakers has been announced for the All Under One Banner rally to be held outside Faslane Submarine Base at 1pm on Saturday, August 28.

AUOB said: “The sitting of Trident nuclear weapons at Faslane on the Clyde is a democratic outrage. Their placement does not have the support of the Scottish Government or the Scottish people.

“These weapons of mass destruction play no useful role and they put all of us at risk. They only exist as a means of providing the UK Government with a seat at the table with other major imperialist powers who seek to control and dominate, both politically and economically, the world by military power.

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“The cost of replacing Trident is estimated to be in excess of £205 billion, money that could be much better spent on bairns not bombs. Only independence can guarantee a nuclear free Scotland, as such All Under One Banner has called this static-rally at the North Gate of Faslane Naval Base on Saturday 28th August at 1pm.

“This rally will be staged with due regard to the safety of those attending, and with close cooperation with Police Scotland.”

Speakers include National columnist George Kerevan, Bob Fotheringham of AUOB, Isobel Lindsay of Scottish CND, Peace and Climate Justice activist Ann Morgan, Toni Giugliano of Dumbarton SNP, Mohammed Asif of the Afghan Human Rights Foundation and Glasgow Stop the War Coalition, Michelle Ferns of Alba, Bill Ramsay of the SNP CND group, Lorna McKinnon of the Socialist Workers Party, NHS Pay campaigner Brenda Eadie.

Also speaking will be Tim Rideout of the Scottish Currency Group, anti-war activist and climate justice campaigner Daniel Mwangi, David Henry of the Scottish Sovereignty Research Group, Iain Ramsay of the 1820 Society and the League of Celtic Nations, and Now Scotland’s Alan Bell.

Speaking in a personal capacity will be Denise Findlay, Gerry Cairns, and Chris McCusker. AUOB have asked that all vehicles will park at Faslane Cemetery Car Park (200 metres from the North Gate). Coaches will drop off passengers at the North Gate before being directed to park by Police Scotland. Coaches and all other vehicles will leave after the rally ends 3pm.

AUOB added: “We will have a Stewards Team working on the day to ensure a safe and smooth running of the demonstration. We have been closely liaising with Police Scotland on all aspects of our plans. The Stewards briefing will take place at 12.30pm at the entrance to the Cemetery carpark.”

“AUOB is not providing toilet facilities at the North Gate Rally site, and so we advise everyone who is attending to be aware of this and make necessary arrangements.”