The National:

IF there’s one thing the Tories have taught us in recent years, it’s that politicians shouldn’t dance.

Take Theresa May’s robotic movements while visiting South Africa, or Douglas Ross’s Atomic Kitten homage which is so cringeworthy the Jouker developed wrinkles.

While Keir Starmer’s Labour party is happy to overlap with Tory policy in other areas, we hoped they’d leave the awkward musical moments well alone.

Consider that another hope dashed.

Although to his credit he is not dancing, more self-consciously bobbing as he taps a hand on a leg, Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham should have been taking notes.

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Burnham was at The Met arts venue and theatre in Bury on Tuesday to announce details of the new Greater Manchester Music Commission, which has the laudable aim of developing, promoting and supporting the local music industry.

The Jouker can’t help but feel Burnham’s support for local artists might have been better showcased if he’d let them have a sing.

Regardless, we all now have the former Labour minister singing an Oasis classic to haunt us.

One of the most well-known anthems of the last few decades shouldn’t present too much of a challenge - unless you're Burnham and you don’t quite know the words.

The whole thing is so awkward the Manchester Evening News actively challenged its readers to last “beyond the first 30 seconds”.

Reader, the Jouker made it beyond the first 30 seconds in the name of this article, and we can tell you that Burnham’s attempted fist-bump at the end is almost as bad as the rest of it.

Out of tune, out of touch, and he’s considered one of Labour’s best options to succeed Starmer...