A STUDENT from Edinburgh has revealed plans to open Edinburgh’s first bar for “all queer women and lesbians”.

Emily Frood, 23, told Pink News that she has left her masters’ course at Queen Margaret University and intends to set up the new business.

Although Scotland’s capital city is home to a number of LGBT bars and venues, it does not have a bar specifically for lesbians.

Frood, who identifies as a “non-binary trans lesbian”, said since revealing her idea she has received an “incredible” amount of support. While the space will be a bar serving alcohol, it will also host sober nights for those who don’t drink and a range of art and culture exhibitions.

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“The whole point of this bar is to curate a larger, more cohesive sense of community,” she told the website. “And if that doesn’t happen by having a bunch of queer people and lesbians build this place together, then what am I doing?”

Asked who would be welcomed to the venue, Frood said people would know themselves if it would be a space for them.

“Basically, if you’re a cis man, don’t turn up,” she said.

“I want straight people and cis men to feel like they shouldn’t be there. Straight people have gotten very comfortable going into gay places.”

Frood is now focused on finding a physically accessible space for the new bar and said many people have been in touch offering to help her venture.