CALL them Zoom meetings, Teams, Webinars or whatever, the Yes movement has been transformed by meeting online. Since the advent of the coronavirus pandemic the Yes DIY pages have tried to keep you informed about what is going on online.

The latest event of which we have been given notice is being organised by Voices for Scotland, the campaigning wing of the Scottish Independence Movement.

It’s a webinar set for August 26 at 6pm and the title is self-explanatory – Scotland’s Climate Assembly.

The idea is for people to discuss climate change and undoubtedly there will be suggestions as to what an independent Scotland must do in future to tackle this emergency which has now been declared a code red crisis.

Voices for Scotland stated: “Scotland’s Climate Assembly is Scotland’s first citizens’ assembly focused on climate change, bringing together over 100 ordinary citizens to deliberate about the climate emergency and answer how Scotland can change to tackle the climate emergency in an effective and fair way. Join us to find out more about the suggested solutions and recommendations.”

To register for this important session please visit

Meanwhile due to a website error – not ours – can we just point out that Dr Craig Dalzell of Common Weal will only have one online event to address Resilient Scotland. It’s on Monday at 6.30pm.