The Merthyr Mermaid – Our Lives (BBC1, 7pm)

THE series which turns the spotlight on remarkable people across the UK turns its attention to Cath Pendleton, a health worker from Merthyr in South Wales. At the age of 47, she’s set herself a challenge – she’s going to attempt to swim a mile in the icy waters of Antarctica. However, she has no real money or support team behind her, and her training regime mainly involves sitting in a chest freezer in the garden shed. Can she achieve her dream?

Jonnie’s Blade Camp (C4, 10pm)

THE Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games is just a fortnight away, and Channel 4 is adding to the anticipation with this two-part documentary, which sees champion Paralympic 100m sprinter Jonnie Peacock helping five young amputees to realise their own sporting potential. In the process, he hopes to boost their confidence and self-worth, as well as their fitness. The youngsters will take part in a year-long training camp, where Jonnie draws on state-of-the-art technology, inspirational guest coaches and his own experiences to help the youngsters accomplish things they never thought possible.

The Secret Life of the Zoo (C4, 8pm)

CAMERAS return to Chester Zoo to observe the behaviour of the animal inhabitants and their relationships with their keepers. In the first episode, we’re introduced to Margery and Betong, the Malayan tapirs. Meanwhile James Bond, the hyacinth macaw, is in quarantine after his partner died of a virus, while the zoo’s golden mantella frog family is in need of a brooding boost – and it’s hoped that miniscule male Eddie could be the amphibian for the job.

Daisy Maskell: Insomnia and Me (BBC1, 10.35pm)

FOR as long as she can remember, Daisy Maskell has lived with insomnia, getting by on as little as a couple of hours of sleep each night. However, being awake until the early hours is taking its toll on her, especially given her increasing workload – she’s the UK’s youngest-ever breakfast radio host. In this documentary, Maskell is meeting experts and other sufferers, and testing a multitude of remedies and treatments to try to finally get a good night’s sleep.