Police Interceptors (C5, 8pm)

AFTER a tram stop robbery in Bulwell, the interceptors are on the hunt for two suspects allegedly armed with a gun. Dan and Jim spot a pair who fit the description, but the suspects vanish over a railway footbridge. Out on the roads, following reports of a driver failing to stop for police in Lincolnshire, Bruce and Chalkie are called in to deliver the stinger. The pair set up just over a roundabout, but will the driver take the exit with a sting?

Ghosts (BBC1, 8.30pm)

THE delightfully silly sitcom about a young couple, Alison (Charlotte Ritchie) and Mike (Kiell Smith-Bynoe), who inherited a dilapidated mansion, only to discover they were sharing it with an assortment of ghosts, is back for a welcome third series. It begins when a documentary team arrives at Button House. They’re not there to investigate the paranormal, but to look into a historical assassination plot – and Alison and the ghosts are shocked to realise it involves one of their own.

Celebrity MasterChef (BBC1, 9pm)

THE cooking contest is back with a line-up that is eclectic even by Celebrity MasterChef standards – this first episode alone features a rare chance to see actress Su Pollard and Happy Mondays legend Bez together. Their first challenge is the brand new Under The Cloche. As the name suggests, each celeb will be given a cloche, under which is a different ingredient. They must then rustle up a dish with the ingredient they have been given.

Long Lost Family (STV, 9pm)

THE series continues with two more moving stories involving separation. The first person to ask Nicky Campbell, Davina McCall and the team for help is a man whose only memento of his birth mother and siblings is an old newspaper article which reveals that they were squatting in an airfield after being evicted from their home. They also hear from a mother who is searching for the child she hasn’t seen since he was 10 days old.