A BAME hiking group has urged allies to join them in an anti-racist summit of Scotland's highest mountain after a far-right demonstration there.

Muslim Hikers was already planning a fundraising hike up Ben Nevis when members learned of the hate incident that happened there last weekend.

A "white lives matter" banner was unfurled in an action by far-right group Patriotic Alternative last weekend. This was captured on camera by a witness who shared it with The National and has since been condemned by mountain caretakers The John Muir Trust.

Now Muslim Hikers is inviting non-members to join its charity trek this August bank holiday weekend to stand against intolerance.

Founder Haroon Mota said: "I am absolutely shocked and disgusted to hear of the racist group Patriotic Alternative who scaled BenNevis on the weekend to reveal a giant banner pronouncing 'white lives matter'.

"The fact they spent hours travelling to and climbing UK's highest mountain just to express their abhorrent views only shows how deep-rooted and extreme this group are. The group seeks the removal of all but white people from the UK.

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"I can very much imagine how awful this stunt would make minority communities feel. As someone who leads ethnic minority groups up Ben Nevis every year, I am very disturbed to hear this news.

"One of the reasons I founded Muslim Hikers was to stand for greater diversity and inclusion.

"We're working hard to create a culture of confidence in the outdoors by overcoming barriers that hinder or prevent our communities from getting outside and connecting with the outdoors.

"This type of racist behaviour from such extreme groups only make it more problematic for those who feel less empowered to get outside and enjoy natural spaces.

"However we urge everyone to stand with us against such groups promoting discriminatory views. There is no place for racism and zero tolerance for discrimination."

Money raised in the group's August bank holiday weekend challenge will go to Penny Appeal, which will direct this towards relief efforts in Palestine.

The National:

Mota said: "I'm calling on all those who want to stand against hatred and intolerance to join me this August Bank Holiday weekend to show the world how beautiful Ben Nevis can be with unity, inclusiveness and diversity. We still have spaces on our trek, so hurry, get in touch.

"See you on Ben Nevis soon."

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