THE UK Government has been called out for allowing a huge oil project off the coast of Shetland to go ahead during a climate crisis.

Environmental campaigners and the Scottish Greens have hit out at the plans to approve the oil field - which could begin operation as early as next year in 2022.

There are an estimated 800 million barrels of oil that will be produced over the next 25 years at the site. The impact of producing and burning that amount of oil is equal to 10 times Scotland's emissions.

Oil and Gas UK are in charge of approving the licence for the project, but there have been calls for the UK government to step in and stop it going ahead amid fears of the impact on climate targets. 

The National:

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The International Energy Agency has said that to meet the 1.5°C in the Paris Agreement - there should be no more development of oil, gas or coal projects.

The amount of oil and gas in already operating fields in the UK - excluding Cambo - will already exceed the UK’s share of emissions in relation to Paris climate goals. 

The Scottish Greens have hit out at the “incalculable folly” of the UK government and dubbed them an “embarrassment” for approving the oil field ahead of COP26 -  a global climate summit due to be held in Glasgow later this year.

The National:

Meanwhile, the Scottish Government have said the issue is reserved to Westminster and that oil and gas businesses only get government support if they contribute to a “sustainable and inclusive energy transition”. 

We previously told how an open letter from Friends of the Earth to the UK Government calling for them to stop the project going ahead gathered thousands of signatures.

Campaigners want to stop oil and gas exploration completely - and move towards a just transition for workers into clean and renewable energies.

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The looming approval has caused outrage online and amongst environmental activists - but what do you think?

Should the UK Government step in and stop the Cambo oil field from going ahead? Do you think they will?

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