A UK Government building in Cardiff has been granted permission to display an eight-storey tall Union flag.

Council officers in the Welsh capital have approved planning permission for the massive flag, which will cover 288 square metres.

The vinyl flag will be 32 metres high and nine metres wide, according to reports on the BBC.

A set of hangar doors painted with the Union flag is often reported as being the largest in the world. On the Isle of Wight, those hangar doors are 46m wide and 12m high.

Tŷ William Morgan (William Morgan House) in Cardiff will now have a flag to rival that, but planning officers say it is “appropriately proportioned in relation to the overall scale of the building”.

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They also said it would "consist of separate graphics applied to each individual window opening and not be applied to the stone cladding between the window openings".

It has been approved under rules for advertisements and will be in place until at least May 2026.

The William Morgan building is planned to house civil servants from several departments including the HMRC, the UK Government's Wales Office, the Department for International Trade, and the Cabinet Office.

BBC presenter Huw Edwards shared the story online, saying that he was "not allowed to comment on political or flag matters". He followed that up with a Welsh flag and a sideways glance emoji.

A UK Government spokesman told the BBC: "Tŷ William Morgan is a significant UK Government building and is the first of its kind in Wales.

"As is practice with similar UK Government sites across the United Kingdom and around the world, it will feature the Union flag as part of its visual branding.

"The flag of Wales is flown at Tŷ William Morgan, which also contains other specifically Welsh branding, while the name of the new building was chosen to reflect the UK government's investment in Wales and Welsh culture."

The UK Government building was named after Bishop William Morgan "in recognition of his pivotal role in maintaining the strength of the Welsh language".

The National:

Earlier this year Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden (above) asked for the Union flag to be flown on UK Government buildings on every day of the year.

The top Tory said the flags would serve to remind people of the “ties that bind us”.