SCOTS who are passionate about the country’s food and drink capabilities are wanted for new roles championing the sector.

The Scottish Tourism Alliance is seeking 25 ambassadors to help raise the profile of the nation’s food tourism sector.

As part of the programme, ambassadors will be recruited from across the many sectors of Scotland’s food and drink sector. Producers, bloggers, educators, chefs, retailers and more are invited to play their part.

The body is looking for people who demonstrate a passion in promoting Scottish produce, destinations and experiences.

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The work will play a key part in delivering the aims and ambitions of Scotland’s Food Tourism Action Plan, launched in 2018 and supported by the Scottish Government.

Ambassadors will be announced at the end of May after applications and nominations are invited through a digital campaign.

Fiona Richmond, the head of regional food at Scotland Food and Drink, said becoming an ambassador would be a “hugely exciting opportunity” as Scotland’s economy looks to recover from the pandemic.

“It’s not a full-time commitment but we’re looking for people who care and are passionate about the vast and varied food tourism opportunities across our regions and destinations; people who can lead and inspire local food tourism growth,” she said.

“We’re looking for applications from individuals from all areas of Scotland’s world of food and drink, for example, food producers, bloggers, educators, chefs, restaurateurs, event organisers or those working for accommodation providers or retailers, what’s more important than profession or qualification, however, is that the individual is immersed in the food tourism or hospitality sectors and embedded in their local community.

“It’s a unique opportunity, one that doesn’t come along very often so we’d be keen for people to nominate someone who they think would be ideal for the role or they can apply to be an ambassador themselves.”

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Meanwhile Marc Crothall, the CEO of the Scottish Tourism Alliance, said the Food Tourism Action Plan aims to grow an additional £1 billion of revenue through tourism spend.

“The launch comes at an exciting time for the industry with the announcement by the First Minister of the indicative dates for a route out of lockdown and a pathway back to businesses trading and welcoming domestic tourists initially before we open up to international visitors when the time is right.”

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