THE Scottish Justice Secretary put a smile on his fellow MSPs’ faces this morning after he didn’t realise his camera and microphone were turned on during a Holyrood committee meeting.

Humza Yousaf was due to join in the meeting of the Justice Committee at 10am, but he had logged on early in preparation.

What Yousaf didn’t realise was that his camera and microphone had activated when he did so.

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Once the members of the committee saw Yousaf had joined them, they tried in vain to get his attention.

The committee convener, Tory MSP Adam Tomkins, attempted to address questions to the Justice Secretary, only to be met with silence.

The National: Humza Yousaf fails to realise that his camera and micrphone are live as MSPs try to address himHumza Yousaf fails to realise that his camera and micrphone are live as MSPs try to address him

However, when they had moved on and resolved to wait until 10 o’clock to question the SNP minister, he could be heard on the microphone.

As Tomkins is speaking about upcoming items on the agenda, Yousaf can be heard to say: “Oh, it is rainy?”

While the Tory MSP asks for a temporary pause to proceedings, the Justice Secretary appears on the screen apparently speaking to his young daughter.

Yousaf can be heard to say “nice” before blowing kisses to his daughter off camera.

The gathered MSPs can be seen to smile as Yousaf walks off. Tomkins notes: “There’s a very severe danger that this is going to go viral.”

With the Justice Secretary gone, the committee then continues with the business that can be conducted in his absence.

When he arrives minutes later, no-one tells him what has happened.

One Dr Hannah Graham said it was a “cheery start to a long Committee session”.

Yousaf retweeted Graham with the hashtag WFH (working from home).