THE Prime Minister is facing questions over the independent report which found Priti Patel breached the ministerial code by bullying staff.

Shortly after the report’s publication Boris Johnson said the Home Secretary would keep her job, adding he does not “believe that Priti Patel is a bully”.

The author of the report, who is also the PM’s adviser on ministerial standards, resigned after Johnson backed Patel yesterday.

Alex Allan’s inquiry found the Home Secretary’s conduct had fallen below the standards expected from ministers, citing examples of “shouting and swearing”.

Now a Whitehall source has told the BBC that Allan resisted pressure to downplay his findings and make them appear more “palatable”.

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And another said over the summer there were discussions between the adviser and Johnson over the challenges presented by the report.

The Labour Party have now called for independent investigation into the “serious” allegations.

Downing Street commented: "As you would expect, the Prime Minister spoke to Sir Alex Allan to further his understanding of the report. Sir Alex's conclusions are entirely his own."

The Home Secretary yesterday apologised for her behaviour and said there were “no excuses” for it.

However Patel added she was not “supported” during the time allegations were made and “issues were not pointed out” to her then.

Commenting after the report was published yesterday, SNP justice and home affairs spokesperson Joanna Cherry said: “This entire episode is yet another example of the total lack of accountability at the heart of this Tory government and the self-serving politics dominating Downing Street.

“It is not surprising that the Prime Minister’s adviser on the ministerial code has felt compelled to resign after Boris Johnson’s appalling decision to overrule the conclusions of his report – it is Priti Patel who should be resigning.

“Instead, the Prime Minister is ignoring due process to protect her. His backing of Priti Patel is like his backing of Dominic Cummings after he broke lockdown rules – staggering and shameful.”