MINISTER for the Constitution Chloe Smith is reportedly the favourite to become Minister for the Union after the Prime Minister dropped the title.

Boris Johnson appointed himself Minister for the Union when he was first elected Tory leader and Prime Minister last summer, but dropped it following the election. 

During today's Cabinet reshuffle it is likely a new Minister for the Union will be appointed, and reports suggest that person will be Chloe Smith. 

The Kent-born Tory MP, whose husband Sandy McFadzean is Scottish, recently defended the UK Government's decision not to invite Scottish media to a Downing Street press briefing on the post-Brexit relationship between the EU and UK. 

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Responding to a question from the SNP's Pete Wishart during an urgent question over Number 10's banning of a number of publications and journalists from the briefing, Smith suggested there was no need for Scottish press to be included if UK-wide reporters were there.

She told Wishart: "We on this side of the Chamber and I think in other parts of this house as well are proud Unionists.

"And we recognise that there are national broadcasters here who deal with all parts of this country, and long may that last.”

Currently as Minister for the Constitution, Smith is responsible for constitutional policy and democracy, propriety, ethics and transparency, the UK Statistics Authority, government communications and more.

It is expected that she would take on the Minister for the Union role on top of her current duties.