JACKSON Carlaw has repeated Laura Kuenssberg’s error by calling a pro-independence event organised by The National tomorrow as an “SNP rally”.

The BBC’s political editor was taken to task for the mistake by the First Minister on Twitter earlier this week forcing her to correct the error.

But yesterday at First Minister’s Questions in Holyrood, the interim Scottish Tory leader made the same blunder.

He said: “This Saturday, the First Minister will start her election campaign the only way she knows how: by ignoring the priorities of most people in Scotland, refusing to listen to the majority and instead addressing yet another SNP independence rally in Glasgow.”

Richard Walker, the Sunday National editor, who is organising the event, said the event was not an “SNP rally” but a pro-independence one which would have speakers from the Greens, the SNP as well supporters of independence who were not members of any political party.

He added: “I don’t know why people find this so difficult to understand. First Laura Kuenssberg and now Jackson Carlaw is making a fundamental mistake. It’s been all over the media. It’s not a SNP rally. It’s a rally to support independence, organised by The National, the only daily paper to support a Yes vote.