Still Open All Hours (BBC1, 8pm)

GRANVILLE’S plan to open a new catering arm, offering his customers tasty toasties, doesn’t quite go according to plan when his reconditioned toaster blows a fuse. Mr Newbold gets a little bolder in his pursuit of Mrs Rossi, while trying to avoid the Black Widow. Leroy and Willis meet Beth and Ruby with a view to going on a date, but Willis is worried that Ruby’s not right for him. David Jason, James Baxter, Johnny Vegas and Geoffrey Whitehead star in veteran writer Roy Clarke’s much-loved comedy.

Weasels: Feisty And Fearless (BBC2, 8pm)

OFTEN portrayed as villains of the natural world and associated with unsavoury behaviour, weasels have had a bad press over the years. To find out whether they deserve this reputation, we follow first-time stoat mum Bandita as she raises her kits

in a weasel wonderland where there are 50 hidden cameras. We meet a half-ounce orphaned least weasel called Twiz, who embarks on her journey back to the wild. Viewers also discover how a weasel’s bite is stronger than a tiger’s, and how a ferret can move around so impressively in a burrow.

The Name Of The Rose (BBC2, 9pm)

AFTER William finds Adso and deduces the meaning of the verses of the Apocalypse on the library frescoes, he begins to suspect that Remigio and Salvatore were followers of Dolcino. When Adso asks for a book about the Dolcinians in the library, he arouses the suspicions and disapproval of Malachia and Benno, who warn him to avoid such heretical texts. The papal delegation continues to advance, leaving death and destruction in its wake. John Turturro and Rupert Everett star.

Gogglebox: Celebrity Special For SU2C (C4, 9pm)

IT was inevitable that a star-studded version of this enormous hit would be made, and that turned out to be one of the viewing highlights of 2019. Now there’s a chance to see more famous faces join the UK’s favourite opinionated viewers in a special episode for this year’s Stand Up To Cancer. As ever, the week’s biggest shows will be assessed, while raising money for a good cause.