The National:

THIS week on Question Time *drum roll please!* - we have a rare SNP appearance!

The last one was September 5, so it's only been six weeks without anyone from Westminster's third largest party present. 

Anyway - SNP MP Dr Phillipa Whitford will be joining the panel.

The programme will be broadcast from Leicester, and Whitford will appear alongside Tory Health Secretary Matt Hancock, Barnado's CEO Javed Khan, the Brexit Party's Martin Daubney and Labour's Anneliese Dodds.

First elected to Westminster in 2015, Whitford is the MP for Central Ayrshire.

The MP has said her passion for independence stems largely from working as a consultant breast surgeon for nearly two decades - she wants to protect the NHS against privatisation. 

In terms of discussions on tonight's show, it's probably safe to say that Brexit will dominate the agenda considering today's news. 

Tune in to BBC One Scotland at 10.30pm to catch the show.