The National:

BORIS Johnson won't be entering today's EU summit to a particularly encouraging scene. 

It appears that the EU really does have a good sense of humour, because after the horrifying past three years of Brexit chaos they've decided to host these crucial talks in a room covered in Halloween decorations. 

Paul Reiderman, director of media and communications for the EU Council, posted the picture. It shows that the clever people who put the room together have spread pumpkins of varying sizes around the floor. And an extra big, extra orange one will sit right in front of the PM.

It's pretty fitting. Since 2016, the UK's political landscape has looked a lot like a horror movie after all. 

You've got Jacob Rees-Mogg, who obviously made his start in politics shortly after retiring from running a haunted Victorian theme park, as the Leader of the House. 

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And then we had Theresa May, known as the MayBot. Who knows, had she stayed as PM any longer she could have easily transformed into the Terminator. 

And of course with their lack of empathy - demonstrated by the endless welfare cuts - and struggle to relate to regular folks, some of those Tories must be aliens, right? 

Or maybe it's not about sending a message to the Tory Government at all.

Perhaps it's subconscious messaging to scare the UK into not causing them any more bother. 

Regardless, we've got to hand it to the EU for the slick decorations. 

After putting up with the UK like this for three years now, you really do deserve the last laugh.