BORIS Johnson is an "egotist" who does not have a hope of making the United Kingdom "great again", Ian Blackford has said.

In a ferocious Commons speech to the Commons, the SNP Westminster leader said Prime Minister’s language is "straight out of the Trump playbook".

He insisted the Tory leader is "frightened" of the potential impact of a No-Deal Brexit and said the Queen's Speech is simply a "platform" for an election campaign.

The SNP MP also expressed his solidarity with jailed Catalan pro-independence leaders and warned Johnson that he will “find himself back in the courts next week” if he does not comply with the Benn Act.

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Addressing Parliament, Blackford said: "The Prime Minister has vowed to make the UK the greatest place on earth, the greatest place on earth – that is a comment straight out of the Trump playbook.

"Mr Speaker, members across this House, across Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom know that neither Donald Trump or the Prime Minister have a hope of making America or the United Kingdom great again, simply because both egotists are obsessed only with making the life of Trump and for the Prime Minister great again."

He added: "We cannot ignore the behaviour in this place, and in particular the language that is used – the language of the 'surrender bill', accusing those of us that wish to stay in the European Union, that our constituents have voted for, that we are calamitous."

The SNP Westminster leader was then interrupted by Conservative MPs. They were described as "bordering on demented" by the Speaker, who urged Jacob Rees-Mogg to "lie back" and let Blackford finish.

Pausing for John Bercow's intervention, Blackford continued: "The fact that we lost a member of this House two short years ago and we have this sort of behaviour – there are too many members of this House that are being threatened, and the behaviour that is being exhibited in this place is a crying call to those who wish to send threats to members of Parliament."

Intervening, Independent Group for Change MP Anna Soubry (Broxtowe) said: "It's absolutely beholden on all of us that we are careful with our language and that includes the language of our supporters.

"And I have had abusive, well goodness knows Mr Speaker I've had all sorts of abusive threats from all sorts of people, but I have to tell the honourable gentleman that that includes supporters of his own party."

Blackford said: "The Prime Minister hasn't offered a Queen's Speech today to set out his vision to protect our economy and communities from a disastrous No-Deal Brexit but, instead, to platform his election campaign days before he intends to drive the UK off a cliff edge."

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He added: "In just five days, the Benn Act legally requires the Prime Minister to ask for an extension. His public utterances suggest that will not happen, and we know, we all know, we cannot trust this Prime Minister to act in accordance with the law. We can't even trust him to turn up to Parliament and, I have to say, I am sceptical about the possibility of compromise."

The SNP MP said he is "frightened" about the Tory government's plans for Brexit. "I am deeply saddened, in truth. I am like many across these countries, I am frightened,” he said.

"Frightened of the future which this Prime Minister and this Government are planning for citizens across Scotland and across the United Kingdom.

"The term crisis, chaos, catastrophe are now everyday terminology in the United Kingdom. This is alarming, I fear that the past few years have numbed many of us to the looming disaster to a no-deal Brexit."