Dead Popular, by Sue Wallman, Scholastic Books, £7.99

WHAT is the book about?

The book follows main character Kate Jordan-Ferreira during her last year at boarding school, when things take a dark turn. It begins with secrets being posted on a prize-winning piece of artwork in the common room but progresses to something even more sinister. The story works with themes that seem as distant and scary as murder, but hits quite a bit closer to home with real issues.

Who is it aimed at?

Upon reading Dead Popular it definitely seems to be aimed towards teenage girls and those who particularly enjoy thrillers.

What did you enjoy most about the book?

My favourite part of the book was actually the more subtle messaging. Though some of the themes expressed were not relatable, it was perhaps the most accurate portrayals of teenagers that I’ve ever read, and the characters felt normal and real.

What did you enjoy least?

This one was a book that didn’t totally enchant me the way that others have and I think that is for the most part down to the pacing. It was slow at the start, which I sometimes don’t mind, but there were times that I struggled to care enough to keep reading and reach the parts that were more interesting.

Which character would you most like to meet?

I would be most interested to meet the main character Kate, as it is written from her perspective I felt a much stronger connection to her character. Her bold personality and her ways of gaining and maintaining popularity kept me interested, as a lot of protagonists are written as much more reserved and less popular at school and I was grateful for something new.

Why should someone buy this book?

Though it wasn’t my favourite book I’ve read recently, Dead Popular offers a perspective on teenage life and drama that I feel should be welcomed and shared with young people today.