The National:

THE BBC's Question Time line-up this week features only one Conservative MP.

That's not something we should have to be writing, but after last week featured two, along with arch-Brexiteer Tim Martin, apparently we do.

Still, asking for someone from the Scottish political world would be a bit too much, wouldn't it?

Richard Walker will be appearing – but, unfortunately, it isn't the Richard Walker who edits the Sunday National.

Coming live from Halifax, here's who will appear on the broadcaster's "flagship political debate show" this week:

  • Liz Truss, Conservative MP
  • Caroline Flint, Labour MP
  • Richard Walker, managing director of Iceland Supermarkets
  • Ayesha Hazarika, commentator, broadcaster, and former advisor to Ed Miliband
  • Tom Newton Dunn, political editor of The Sun

We don't know who any of the guests for next week will be, but that'll be broadcast from Chichester, England.