A majority of Scots think decisions around the timing and details of a second independence referendum should be made in Scotland, according to new data.

The poll by Survation for Progress Scotland revealed that most people living in Scotland believed the Scottish Government, rather than the UK Government, should be making decisions on the if, when and how of a future vote.

With Don't Know's excluded, the research found that 58% of Scots back the Scottish Government having the final say on whether or not a second referendum should be held.

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58% were also in favour of the Scottish Government deciding when that refendum took place, with 62% saying that they should also decide the wording of a future poll.

Angus Robertson, Managing Director of Progress Scotland said: “Clearly there is a strong majority for Scotland’s future to be decided in Scotland and not by the UK government. Progress Scotland is particularly interested in the changing views of people in Scotland in relation to independence. We are about to begin a round of focus group research to better understand what is is making the open minded and undecided change their thinking.”

This is the first poll to be conducted on a second independence referendum since the Scottish Government published its legislation on future referenda in May.

Over 1000 people took part in the research, which took place between the 4th and 7th June.