OUTLANDER returns on Friday after fans spent a year waiting for their latest fix.

Here's what you need to know before you get started on season seven.

WARNING: Spoilers incoming.

Claire became addicted to ether

Claire has had a tough couple of seasons. The finale of season five saw her captured and attacked by Lionel Brown, the brother of Richard Brown, leader of the "committee of safety". Spending a lot of her time away from Jamie practicing medicine while suffering from flashbacks and panic attacks reminiscent of PTSD, Clare has resorted to taking Ether, a primitive form of anaesthetic, to block out her fears. Though her usage died down by the end of the season, her issues are yet to be fully resolved - and she only has more to worry about now.

Jemmy is Roger's biological daughter

There has always been a fear at the back of Roger and Brianna's minds that the pirate Stephen Bonnett played a foul part in their child's birth. But after being forced to shave Jemmy's head when he caught lice, the pair discover a birth mark on his head, a birth mark which matches on that Roger has.

Claire's wannabe apprentice Malva is dead - and Claire is standing trial for her murder

Malva has always been a suspicious character. At first she was the kinder, sensible daughter of Tom Christie, but she quickly became something more sinister. It wasn't until Claire found her dead outside of her home that she began to stir up real trouble though.

Claire was caught holding Malva in her arms bathed in blood after trying to save her unborn child - a child she had claimed was Jamie's. Now Claire and Jamie have been separated and Claire faces potential execution after being captured by Richard Brown and Tom Christie to face trial.

Marsali is a murderer

Well, maybe not a murderer, but an administrator of capital punishment at the very least ...

At the end of season five Marsali was left alone with Claire's attacker Lionel Brown who was being treated for injuries. She decided to make him pay for his offense, giving him a lethal injection - perhaps an omen of what was to come in the US justice system ... 

In a cutting scene, she declared: "Mistress Fraser has taught me well. She took an oath to do no harm. I have taken no such oath. You hurt me. You hurt my family. You hurt my man. I'll watch you burn in hell before I let you hurt another soul in this house."

Don't forget about Geillis Duncan

We know Geillis Duncan is returning this season. She is one of the long-running show's most intriguing and mysterious characters, so it's worth keeping your eyes peeled and on the look out for whatever nefarious scheme she might be cooking up in her not-quite-a-witch's cauldron.