POPULAR TV show Outlander is due to air its seventh season later this month. 

The series, which takes place in and around the Jacobite rising, follows nurse Claire (Caitriona Balfe) who travels back in time to 1743 where she falls in love with Highland warrior Jamie (Sam Heughan).

Over the years, the show has filmed in many locations across Scotland, helping to attract thousands of fans to the country in the process. 

We’ve picked out six locations the show has filmed in down the years. 

Doune Castle 

Located around a 15-minute drive from Stirling, Doune Castle (below) has played a leading role in the show. 

It was a substitute for the fictional Castle Leoch – home to Colum MacKenzie and his clan in the 18th century. 

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As well as this, it also featured in an episode set in the 20th century when Claire and Frank visited the castle in ruins on a day trip. 

Kelvingrove Park 

Located in Glasgow near the famous Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, the park acted as a substitute for a location in the show. 

In this instance, it was Boston Park, where Claire frequently went walking, at one point passing a man who was playing the bagpipes. 

The National:

It marks a long list of occasions when Glasgow has acted as a double for somewhere else, including in major blockbusters such as The Batman and the upcoming Indiana Jones movie. 

Kinloch Rannoch

Located in the heart of Highland Perthshire, reports suggested that the cast were filming the show’s seventh season near the small village

Photos on Twitter showed stars Heughan and Balfe near the “Craigh na Dun” filming site.

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This serves as the spot where the whole time-travelling adventure begins. However, it’s not actually home to standing stones – these were created for the show. 

Hopetoun House 

One of the grandest buildings in Scotland, Hopetoun House is located in South Queensferry on the outskirts of Edinburgh. 

It has served as a double for numerous places throughout the show across different seasons. 

This has included the spare room in Jamie and Claire’s Paris apartment as well as the Hawkins Estate in season two and the stables at Helwater in season three. 

According to Visit Scotland, the house is far bigger to how it appears in the show with some of its wings digitally erased. 

Duncarron Medieval Village

Designed to replicate a piece of Scottish history, Duncarron has served as a shooting location for numerous projects including Netflix’s Norsemen and The Bruce. 

Among its attractions are a battering ram from the Ridley Scott blockbuster Robin Hood and a working catapult donated by the crew of Netflix’s Outlaw King (below).

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Outbuildings and a tower were left to the site following production of the seventh season of Outlander. 

The episodes will see Duncarron Medieval Village double as Fort Ticonderoga.

Dunkeld House Hotel 

Also located in Highland Perthshire, Dunkeld House Hotel (below) sits within 280 acres of woodland and overlooks the River Tay.

The National:

The woodlands surrounding the house doubled as the North Carolina wilderness. 

These are just six of the many locations where production has taken place across Scotland – many more can be found using Visit Scotland’s interactive map.