My Return From IS – Panorama
BBC 1, 8.30pm

THIS tells the story of a British woman who is back in the UK after living with Daesh in Syria for more than two years before managing to escape with the help of her mother. “Fatima” tells how the group has hijacked Islam, using men as cannon fodder and women for cooking, cleaning and having children.

Hull’s Headscarf Heroes
BBC 4, 9pm

A TOTAL of 58 men died when three boats from the English fishing port of Kingston upon Hull were all lost during January and February 1968. To mark the 50th anniversary of the Triple Trawler tragedy, this documentary looks at the effects on the community, and pays tribute to the women who campaigned to ensure that such a disaster could never happen again. Contributors include Denise Wilson, who was a 17-year-old mother-of-two when she became the youngest widow in Hull, and Yvonne Blenkinsop, the last surviving leader of the “headscarf heroes”.

Horizon – My Amazing Brain:
Richard’s War BBC 2, 9pm

WHEN former soldier Richard Gray suffered a catastrophic brain haemorrhage, few gave him much chance of recovery. His wife, film-maker Fiona Lloyd-Davies, decided to chart his progress and this fascinating and often moving documentary is the result. It offers an insight into the physical, psychological and emotional process of relearning how to do what appear to be ordinary, everyday tasks. Gray’s determination and willpower are inspirational.

The Bulger Killers: Was Justice Done?
Channel 4, 9pm

THE abduction and murder of James Bulger, aged two, in February 1993 by 10-year-olds Robert Thompson and Jon Venables continues to have an impact on British life. In this documentary, key individuals involved in their trial are brought back together to debate whether justice was truly served. The programme includes excerpts from police interview tapes.