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NATIONAL EXTRA Crisis at the Belarus border contains a warning for the future

"In the Second World War they hunted down Jews in the Polish forest, now it is refugees," Lida Weerts told me. She is just back from a diplomatic mission with the European Kurdish Democratic Societies Congress (KCDK-E) – a majority of the people attempting to cross the border from Belarus into the European Union are Kurdish.

Denied freedom of thought and action, but Kurds are fighting back in Iran

IRAN’S tyrannical and oppressive regime ensures that little news reaches the wider world. What does get out often concerns assassinations, imprisonments and state-orchestrated violence. In such circumstances, organised resistance is difficult, but one group standing up to the regime is the Free Life Party of Kurdistan, or PJAK, who follow Abdullah Ocalan’s ideas for radical democracy, feminism, ecology and multiculturalism.

How the Kurds of north-east Syria ended up branded 'terrorists'

LAST Friday, our increasingly through-the-looking-glass politics saw the pretrial hearing of Paul Newey for the crime of giving his son, Dan, £150. Paul is being charged with funding terrorism, and his other son, Sam with assisting terrorism. Dan Newey is a member of the Kurdish YPG in north-east Syria, the same forces that have spearheaded the fight against Daesh, with the backing of the US, France and the UK.

COMMENT Sarah Glynn: Civic Scotland is adding its voice to Turkey boycott

‘WE saved all the world,” Kurdistan activist Honar Kobani told me on Thursday. “But today children in Serekaniye are being killed by Erdogan with chemicals.’’ What do you do when world leaders stand aside in the face of fascism? Friends of the Kurds, and of their social revolution, will continue to call on the politicians to take action.

Hunger strikes are over but the Kurds need our support all the more

THE much-anticipated announcement of the end of hunger strikes by Kurdish political prisoners came at 11am our time yesterday in a statement on their behalf from the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) and PAJK (Party of Free Women of Kurdistan). It was followed by a statement from the hunger-striking HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) MPs, in which MP Tayyip Temel quoted a few simple words from Leyla Guven, who began the protest from prison on November 7. She said: “We believed and we succeeded.”