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COMMENT Independence is the only route to tackling the escalating cost-of-living crisis

IT was not long ago that we stood on our doorsteps applauding the workers who were battling to keep us safe from a previously unimaginable national crisis. Two years later, we should be showing the same support for those workers forced to strike in the face of shameful UK Government inaction on a crisis which could yet bring more catastrophy than the pandemic.

comment Here's how to decipher the nonsense of the unionist response to indyref2

IT was more than many expected. When Nicola Sturgeon stood in the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday she delivered not just the strategy for fulfilling her manifesto commitment to hold indyref2 in 2023, but also an unexpected referral to the Supreme Court, the wording of the question, the date of the vote and a fully thought out plan on what to do if/when Westminster refuses her request for a Section 30 orders to ‘authorise’ the referendum.

COMMENT A Yes vote is Scotland’s only route to a new social contract

STRIKING images of deserted platforms at railway stations around the country seemed to trigger still surreal memories of the first lockdown. More than just similarly eerie photographs link the two events – they are both teaching us lessons about the social contract which has guided how we have lived our lives.