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BACK IN THE DAY The triumphs and controversies of Alexander Graham Bell

ALEXANDER Graham Bell was one of many countless thousands of Scots who had to leave their native country to make a better life for themselves abroad. He took with him to Canada, and then the USA, his native genius and the mentality of grappling with deafness which, as I showed last week, first turned his attention to the processes which led to his invention of the telephone.

BACK IN THE DAY The Scot whose genius touched millions - without anyone really noticing

IMAGINE you are one of the finest writers of your day, a poet, historian, journalist, translator, teacher, biographer, novelist and playwright so renowned that on the Blue Plaque that now sits outside your former home in London it simply calls you “man of letters”. Yet most people who know of you associate you with fairy stories and fables, with too many Scots unaware of your huge influence on writers and whole genres of writing.