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Shona edits the National Conversation section of the paper and also writes a weekly Prime Minister's Questions sketch and a Friday column, which usually takes a sideways look at the week's developments in Scottish, UK and international politics.

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COMMENT Shona Craven: Brexit blame game will only increase xenophobia

IT’S easy to say “I told you so.” Some of our readers have not been shy to do so in our letters pages this week. But it was hard not to feel huge sympathy for those who were stuck for hours in queues while trying to get from Dover to Calais – especially those with young children in the back who were surely rendered hoarse from calls of “are we nearly there yet?” while their parents counted

COMMENT Carrie on talking about the PM’s ambitious wife

IT seems 10 Downing Street is unhappy that everyone’s talking about Carrie this week, so what better time to talk about her, the influence Mrs Johnson may or may not have over the worst Prime Minister in British history, and the depths of corruption to which her husband will stoop?

COMMENT Shona Craven: Sun-seeking Scots may travel into a perfect storm

BACK to the drawing board go ScotRail and Aslef, after another week of misery for Scotland’s rail travellers. Here’s hoping a deal can finally be reached this week – one that won’t burst the Scottish Government’s budget as demands from council workers, nurses and police officers loom on the horizon.