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comment Where will the ensuing Tory succession battle leave Scotland?

I WOKE up yesterday to the nightmare news that Boris is thinking about hanging around for a third term in Downing Street. Once my heart stopped palpitating, I realised the PM was being delusional. After last Thursday’s by-elections, his chances of leading the Tories into the 2024 General Election are remote, to say the least.

COMMENT Independence should be on mind of our government as inflation hits us

AN old ghost has returned to haunt us – inflation. Prices are now rising in the UK at their highest in 40 years. By the latest CPI measure, prices in Britain are rising at an annual equivalent of 9%. That is the highest rate among the big G7 industrial nations. The IMF thinks that the UK will be the last advanced economy to see inflation moderate. In other words, the so-called cost of living crisis will be with us for some time to come.