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Hidden Lives: All about the ferocious feminism of riot grrrl rock

MY entire life has a soundtrack. For each memory, a corresponding song. For each period of my life, a genre, artist or album providing the sonic accompaniment to the cinema in my head. It’s been that way for as long as I can remember, which is only slightly less time than I’ve been playing the guitar – and why most of those songs will feature those six strings growling.

COMMENT Vonny LeClerc: ScotRail and the human cost of a failing franchise

IT’S 8am on a Monday in Dalmeny. The working week looms. The weather is filthy; all drizzle and chill echoing the mood of those making their way to Edinburgh. The platform swarms with people on high alert, waiting for the familiar disembodied voice that will decide their morning’s fate. No-one speaks to one another. No-one can afford to be casual, to relax into the wait. They are primed for a singular objective: to board the train.

PREMIUM Trying to be heard as a Jew feels like a futile fight

IT’S been a week since the BBC broadcast its explosive Panorama documentary on anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. For British Jews who have been tirelessly raising the alarm about the growing frequency and flagrance of hatred, the broadcast was a moment freighted with expectation and nervousness.

PREMIUM Kissing your children on the lips is nothing sinister

ONCE upon a time, before we found ourselves truly through the looking glass, a parent kissing their child would not a headline make. Though in an age of grand cinema conspiracies and Boris hair-truthers, what passes for news is far beyond the fundamentals of a journalistic education.

PREMIUM Grow a beard and join the all-male football fan club

I’LL admit I’ve always wondered what it would be like to grow a beard. As a woman with natural follicular talent, I’d always assumed if I’d been born a guy, that I’d be rocking a particularly majestic plumage right now. While I thought it’d look great, I’ve never really experienced the social benefits of looking that manly. Sure, in my short-back-and-sides days, I got the odd “sir” from behind, but I never imagined the possibilities a little hirsutism might offer …