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From left: Michael Palin, Eric Idle, Graham Chapman and Terry Jones performing the Four Yorkshiremen sketch

COMMENT Kevin McKenna: Tories think we can self-medicate out of starvation and poverty

BORIS Johnson’s elaborate plan to re-set his Government’s foreign and domestic policy agenda is already beginning to bear fruit. After carefully considering how much the Ukraine crisis can continue to divert attention from his Government’s criminality at home the UK Prime Minister last week promised a further £1.3 billion in military assistance to President Zelenskyy’s war effort.

Perhaps the leadership are planning a kind of flash mob conference?

COMMENT Kevin McKenna: Why are there no plans for a pre-election SNP conference?

AS we step gaily among spring’s early daffodils, there’s no indication the SNP are planning an annual conference to call the faithful to action. In normal circumstances this would be regarded as a little curious. That the important local authority elections are now less than two months away, it seems to be either a sign of supreme confidence or outright arrogance.