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COMMENT Roz Foyer: Abuse of women in the workplace won't end until men call it out

AS we approach the end of the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence, I’m quietly reflecting that during those 384 hours – according to 2021 United Nations data – 1920 women and girls will have been killed in an act of femicide. Five souls per hour. Each with a name. A voice. Ambitions. Dreams. Hopes. Wiped out in a senseless act of gender-based violence.

Roz Foyer: Grangemouth closure could be Scotland's defining just transition moment

The news yesterday of the intention of Petroineos to close the Grangemouth Refinery within two years at the potential cost of hundreds of direct jobs and many more in the wider supply chain may well become Scotland’s defining just transition moment. It could also spill into the wider UK political discourse particularly in the context of a UK General Election.

COMMENT SNP can’t blame Labour deluge on the weather

THIS past couple of weeks, we all witnessed a deluge. But this isn’t the weather I’m talking about. A flood of votes for Labour in the Rutherglen and Hamilton West by-election was too much for the SNP to fight against the rising red tide.

Roz Foyer: Why we must fight for the future of further education

I’m standing on a picket line in Glasgow, the former workshop of the workshop of the world. Our city by all measures remains one of the most unequal in the UK, with high poverty and deprivation levels. Along with North Lanarkshire and Ayrshire, it has the highest unemployment levels in Scotland. I am standing alongside teaching staff, many of whom face the prospect of adding to Glasgow’s unemployment statistics even though they work in a sector which is, almost universally, accepted as being fundamental to creating the life opportunities which so many of Glasgow’s people need. They have been forced to strike for 13 weeks now.