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COMMENT It’s important Scotland's councils look like our communities

OUR parliaments and institutions need to look like the communities that they represent. Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at the International Women’s Day in Uist event. It was an excellent and invigorating meeting that brought together people from across the political spectrum. We may have had disagreements over other issues, but one thing that united us was a desire to take down barriers and see a better and more inclusive politics in the Uists and Benbecula, the Western Isles and bey

comment Ariane Burgess: How to start to reverse decline of Scotland's rural populations

SINCE I was elected to represent the Highlands and Islands in May, I have been travelling around the region meeting people and hearing about the unique challenges faced by communities in different places. The Highlands and Islands are diverse and varied, and every place has its own needs. And if we make a genuine response to the nature and climate emergency we could see our rural and islands areas become the heart of the Just Transition to a sustainable economy we must make.