LET’S focus on the positives – that is my motto for this week. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not completely washing my hands of the issues that continue to pervade sport for women, but we are making some good progress and it’s nice to be able to celebrate that.

I’ll start with the news I thought I would never hear. A Dutch woman footballer, Ellen Fokkema, was selected to play in her senior men’s team. On the day, she sat on the bench for 60 minutes then got the call that catapulted her into the annals of Dutch history following a change in its eligibility rules in May.

Meanwhile, another woman, Kelly Lindsey, has been appointed Lewes FC’s first head of performance for women’s, men’s and youth teams and Uefa announced it will double the prize money for the women’s Euros in 2022. But let’s not get too carried away. This, although welcome, means it is still less than 5% of the men’s Euros prize pot.

All in all, though, there has been a lot to celebrate recently and I am pleased to say there is even more now, as we have just announced our 2021 in-person Scottish Women in Sport Awards (SW/S) dinner on November 26 at the voco Grand Central hotel in Glasgow. I am so delighted we won’t be behind screens stuck in different corners of Scotland – and in one case Switzerland – as we were last year.

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The virtual event served a purpose and brought joy to many during a difficult time but there is no doubting that a proper celebration has to be in-person, sharing it with friends, family, colleagues etc.

Also, this event will bring welcome funds into SW/S through our auction and raffle and any donations for either will be gratefully received! So the hunt is on. We have 11 categories this year and we’ve had great support from the business world who see the benefit of supporting an event such as this.

All we need now are nominations. You would think that was the easy part but so many people think, it wouldn’t, couldn’t be me, so why should I put my name forward? However, we have a wide range of categories, at all levels within sport and we hope that this will encourage people to submit a nomination. Give it some thought – it could be you!

Please head to www.scottishwomeninsport.co.uk/swis-awards-2021 to find out more!