NOW that we are within a hurled pie’s distance of qualifying for the World Cup finals, it is time to get a grip on the fiasco of our anthem and strip.

Flower of Scotland is a maudlin dirge but we have an abundance of talented composers who could do better (although the magnificent Scots Wha’ Hae stands ready – with a little more pizazz in the tempo and with impeccable credentials – to make us proud). More shaming though is the dark/navy blue of the strip. This bowing the knee by the SFA (and SRU) to the Union flag – which deliberately, and offensively, rejects our glorious azure/sky blue – has to stop.

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There is now a real possibility that Scotland can appear on a world stage, as a nation, in a strip – and with a glorious anthem – we can be proud of. What a boost to the independence movement that would be (which is why, of course, the Unionist mafia hate the idea)!

It’s time (and there is still time) for the smack of firm government.

David Roche
Coupar Angus