RAMON VEGA has urged Celtic to team up Rangers to help Scottish football battle its way through the coronavirus crisis.

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the game in Scotland hard with a number of clubs opting to cut wages and put staff on the governments furlough scheme. 

And with the Old Firm giants holding a huge financial gulf over the rest of the teams in the country, ex-Hoops star Vega has advised the pair to join forces to help other teams through this tough period.

Speaking to The Scottish Sun, he said: “There is no better time for them to show some solidarity with the rest of the clubs.

“We all know there have been huge differences in the past, but the biggest rivalry here is not Celtic or Rangers, it is the coronavirus. That is the only enemy for anyone at the moment.

“There is plenty time in the future for Celtic and Rangers to rekindle their rivalry.

“Just now surely it should be all about these two massive clubs getting together and helping the smaller Scottish teams.

“It should be about them and the other big teams in the country leading from the front. If they attempt to help everybody I think the other clubs would appreciate it.

“This is the perfect time to show what they are all about.

“The stronger ones will survive, but there is an obligation on them to help.

“If they can cut back a little and provide assistance then the whole pyramid has a better chance of getting through this period. The smaller clubs are the ones who will struggle the most.”