CHRISTOPHER JULLIEN is feeling the cold during his first Scottish winter, but the defender has revealed he is braving even more extreme temperatures in order to cope with Celtic’s hectic workload.

The Frenchman has been attending a cryotherapy chamber to help his muscles recover between games, where the body is exposed to temperatures as low as -140 degrees Celsius.

He says it is worth it though to keep himself primed for the Premiership title battle, and he is even roping in a few of his teammates.

"Cryotherapy helps me recover,” Jullien said. “I started to do it in France when I was at Toulouse.

"One of my good friends had it and we started to examine how it works.

"He showed me that it would help my body recover and prepare for the next game.

"If there is something I can do to make my body feel better, I will do it. We have so many games and you have to make every effort to recover and this makes me feel better on the pitch.

"It prevents injury and repairs your body. The temperature goes to -140 if you need it to be really strong. You are in the chamber for three minutes and it is tough, but when you get out you feel really good.

"Is Scotland not cold enough? It is and that is why I always say to the owner to text me when I am due to go in.

"Sometimes it is freezing outside and it can be hard to go out but when he texts, I always go.

"I have also brought a few of the guys this week. Odsonne (Edouard), Boli (Bolingoli) and Oli (Ntcham) all came this week for the first time. So, I was happy to bring them, and we did it together. It was nice.”