THE National will be in court tomorrow as we cover the legal challenge against the UK Government keeping its secretive polling on the Union hidden from public view.

SNP MP Tommy Sheppard has been locked in a row with the Government over its failure to publish the results of the polling since 2019, and now his crowdfunded legal challenge against the Cabinet Office is about to be heard in the Upper Tribunal in London.

It comes after the Cabinet Office's refusal to publish the data was heard at a First-Tier Tribunal in 2021, which found that ministers must release the information. Two years later, they still haven't.

The National has covered Sheppard's battle since it began four years ago, and tomorrow we'll be in court to cover the whole thing. 

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Our Westminster-based reporter Hamish Morrison will be there to report on the legal ins-and-outs as the UK Government does its best to hide how people really feel about independence and the Union.

Before 10.30am tomorrow morning, Hamish will be live on Facebook outside the court explaining what's going on and chatting to Sheppard about the long-running case.

Then he'll be bringing you up-to-the-minute live updates on our live blog, which you'll find on our homepage tomorrow morning. 

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After the case has been heard, we'll have all the key information and reaction on our website plus legal analysis from experts. And we'll have short video explainers for those who don't have time to get so in-depth.

No other Scottish newspaper will have the detailed reports on this case that we'll have, and that's because we're the only Scottish daily paper that supports independence.

So don't miss out on our coverage and take advantage of our subscription offers before the case kicks off.